Brenda Chen is a sophomore undergraduate majoring in animation and digital arts at USC. Her interests include creating interactive art installations and exploring the potential of virtual and augmented reality in mental health care.

Sagar Ramesh is an undergraduate student majoring in Animation & Digital Arts with a strong interest in building tools for artists and designers. He has worked under the guidance of media research professors at USC, and plans to continue experimenting in the field of immersive technology.

Erika Gomi is a second year Animation and Digital Arts student. She is interested in 2D animation, illustration, and visual development, but is currently developing skills in CG.

Tammy (Tammu) Do is a genderqueer, product designer intrigued and driven by the end-to-end experience potentials of culture, materiality, and technology in order to initiate and sustain reciprocal social design. They are in their last year at USC and will be pursuing an Industrial Design Masters this upcoming Fall.

Before he became an animation student at USC, Yimin Zhang has always been drawn to the deceptive nature of Visual Effects. He is currently determined to trick others into a world of fantasy and magic through live-action CG integration.

Blake Weber is a graduate student pursuing master’s degrees in both landscape architecture and urban planning (2017). He is interested in how virtual and augmented reality can supplement and inform design decisions in the built environment.

David Deedwania is a graduate of the USC Thornton School of Music, and composes music for film, TV, videogames and Virtual Reality. David took up a great interest in Virtual Reality and its entertainment potential in junior year of college. He believes that proper sound integration in 3D space is one of the best things you can do to make someone believe they are in another world.

Drew Okenfuss is studying Computer Science focusing on video games, with a strong interest in Mixed Reality. He enjoys creating games that push boundaries of game physics and mechanics. He plans to mix these two passions to create compelling games in these new mediums.

Awu Chen studies Interactive Media at USC and works as a student researcher in the MxR lab. His work explores cross medium storytelling within mixed reality and uses intimate experiences to evoke emotional responses.

Allison Comrie has been a media artist for over 10 years, specializing in interactive & graphic design, narrative, and digital media. Allison is currently an MFA candidate at the USC’s Interactive Media and Games program. She is currently working in the Mixed Reality Studio and the Creative Media & Behavioral Health Center on VR and AR projects. Her goal is to create games and interactive experiences that use procedural audio to transport players to immersive worlds.

Hannah Bosnian is a storyboard artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and animation student at USC. Though she has experience in all aspects of animation production, both 2D and 3D, her passion is storytelling. She creates characters, relationships, and stories to deal with her own issues and help others get through theirs. Hannah is primarily a 2D artist, but she loves any and all animation mediums.